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Welcome to Dalia

Excellence in Eye Care

About us

Dalia Eye Clinic is an Optical Clinic Located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We have a team of skilled and experienced local and foreign Ophthalmologists. We Offer services that expand from routine Check up to Surgery.

Dalia Eye Clinic - About Us

Our Services

Dalia Eye Clinic - Check Up

Check up

We provide check up which is computerized. By looking through the retinoscope, the doctor can study the light reflex of the pupil. Based on the movement and orientation of this retinal reflection, the refractive state of the eye is measured. An auto-refractor is a computerized instrument that shines light into an eye.

Dalia Eye Clinic - Refraction Tests

Refraction Tests

A refraction test is usually given as part of a routine eye examination. It may also be called a vision test. This test tells your eye doctor exactly what prescription you need in your glasses or contact lenses. refractive error means that the light is not bending properly when it passes through the lens of your eye.

Dalia Eye Clinic - LASIK


Laser vision correction refers to a group of minimally invasive procedures that reshape the cornea with laser energy to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, leaving patients with better vision after treatment. These procedures are customized for each individual, and allow the surgeon to correct the very specific refractive errors that obscure your vision.

And Many More

Eye Conditions

These are some of the many Eye conditions we treat at Dalia.

Vision Products

Dalia Eye Clinic - Glasses, Optical Shop

Optical Glasses

Need eyeglasses? With so many options available today, choosing the best lenses and frames for your needs can be overwhelming. Should you get lenses with coating? 

Dalia Eye Clinic - Contact Lens, Optical Shop

Contact Lens

Contact lenses are an excellent choice for nearly anyone who needs vision correction and doesn't want to wear eyeglasses full time or undergo LASIK surgery.

Dalia Eye Clinic - Droplets, Optical Shop


There's an eye drop or ointment to relieve the symptoms of most eye problems — whether you have dry eyes, pink eye (conjunctivitis), red eyes or itchiness.

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Our Contacts

Open from 8:00 AM till 6:00 PM


Bole Tele Medhanealem Metti Building, Addis Ababa


+251 (0) 90 455 7777



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